• Pauline Batista, "Is your system optimized?", exhibition view, GALLLERIAPIU, 2019
    Pauline Batista_Is Your System Optimized_exhibition view @GALLLERIAPIU 2019-
  • Pauline Batista, "Processing I", 2019
    Pauline Batista_Processing I, 2019_
  • Pauline Batista, "Optimization station", 2019
    Pauline Batista, Optimization station, 2019--
  • Pauline Batista, "Is your system optimized?", exhibition view, GALLLERIAPIU, 2019
    Pauline Batista, Is Your System Optimized, exhibition view @GALLLERIAPIU 2019
  • Pauline Batista, "Imprint I" and "Imprint II", 2019
    Pauline Batista, Imprint I, 2019 e Imprint II, 2019
  • Pauline Batista, "Implantation", 2019
    Pauline Batista, Implantation, 2019-
  • Pauline Batista, "The Algorithm Will See You Now", 2017
    Pauline Batista_Tha Algorithm Will See You Now Install Shot3 copy

Pauline Batista

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Pauline Batista ( Rio de Janeiro, 1988) is a multi-media artist based in London. The artist works across mediums, as her research-based practice extends from a background in photography further into space via sculptures, installations, film and sonic environments. She first graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations in 2010 and completed an MFA in Fine Arts at Goldsmith University in London in 2017 . She received further formal training in photography both at UCLA and under the tutelage of photographers both in Los Angeles as well as in Berlin. Among her solo and group shows, she exhibited at: GALLLERIAPIU, Bologna (2019); Houston Center for Photography, Houston, USA (2019), ATP Gallery London, UK (2019), CADAF- Contemporary and Digital Art Fair, Lightbox, New York, USA (2019), University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (2018), The Koppel Project, London (2018), Clinic 2- London Design Festival, London, (2017) The Hive, London (2016) Embassy of Brazil, London, UK (2016), Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany (2016). Among her residency programs: Residency Unlimited (RU), New York, USA (2019), ARTELES Residency, Haukijärvi, Finland (2019) and Alice Residency and Exhibition, The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-sea, UK (2017).