• Mimosa Pudica, 2019 Performance at King’s College medical classroom. Commissioned as part of the festival Oxytocin by Procreate Project
  • Haroon Mirza/hrm199 Ltd. Ausstellung im Museum Tinguely 2015. Foto © Bettina Matthiessen
    Haroon Mirza/hrm199 Ltd.
  • Growing Gills, 2017 Inaugural exhibition of Mimosa House, London
  • "Mimosa Pudica",Super Nature in Two Parts, Lisson Gallery, 2018
  • Whitechapel Gallery, 2015
  • “Present and Distracted” at the Zabludowicz Collection, London 2016 Photos by Tim Bowditch
  • "Mirage, Déjà Vue, then a parallel life", 2019 Performance directed by Gaia Fugazza with music composed and performed by Nik Void and choreography by Julie Cunningham.Royal Academy of Arts, London 2019
  • Gaia Fugazza, "Ostaggi e amici", exhibition view @GALLLERIAPIU 2019
    Fugazza_Ostaggi e amici, exhibition view_03
  • Gaia Fugazza,"Quelli che si allontanano", 2019
    Fugazza_Quelli che si allontanano I
  • Gaia Fugazza, "Ostaggi e amici", exhibition view @GALLLERIAPIU 2019
    Fugazza_Ostaggi e amici, exhibition view_08
  • Gaia Fugazza, "Mimosa pudica - compagne", 2019
    Fugazza_Mimosa pudica - compagne I

Gaia Fugazza

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Gaia Fugazza (Milano 1985), lives and works in London. Her practice mainly focuses on painting and performance. Her work explores the connections between human being and natural environment, other species’ intelligence, riproduction and transcendentality.
Recent solo and collective exhibitions: Ostaggi e amici, GALLLERIAPIU, Bologna; Super Nature in two Parts, Lisson Gallery, London; Baltic Triennial 13, South London Gallery, London; Star Messenger, LUX, London; Water from the Waist Down, Kunsthall Oslo; Growing Gills, Mimosa House, London; The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery; Hrm 199 Ltd, Tinguely Museum, Basil, Studiolo #9, Spazio Cabinet, Milan, Gatherer Hardwiring, Porcino, Berlin; e Present and Distracted, Zabludowicz Collection; London. Fugazza regularly collaborates with other artists and curator to created alternative way to present works such as the party My Night of Untlimited Favour that she curated at the Royal Academy of Arts and Grandine, the exhibition program that she runs in from her studio.