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“It is a call to action to encourage people to pay attention to their gaze and watch art in a live way in a period of total distance from the real experience and use of the exhibition spaces. It aims to be an invitation to actively “consume” art and to return to live the gallery as a place of cultural exchange. This collaborative project developed from the idea of ​​celebrating the live experience and also marks the re-opening of the respective exhibition activities after more than two months of closure. Although the difficult moment, this is the time to highlight our presence in the city, our work and commitment to the community. For years we have been supporting our artists through the dissemination and promotion of increasingly ambitious projects, contributing constantly to the national and international cultural scene. The art system made up of many players – curators, gallery assistants, advisors, press officers – is in a situation of extreme fragility, and for this reason the market is today more than ever indispensable for the survival of the artists, production support and the whole system.”    

                                                                                                                                        The gallerists

Gallery to Gallery is a guided tour that involves six galleries in the city of Bologna. A collaborative project that invites you to book for an unpredictable “relay race” around the exhibition spaces involved in the project: you know the departure but not the arrival. The digital route will be decided once arrived at the departure gallery and will last according to the participant’s availability.

The galleries involved in the relay are united by a common feeling and the willingness to create a network in such a difficult moment for the cultural system: to bring beauty in difficult times is necessary and it is even more so by supporting the artists and all the wonderful system of the contemporary art that looks so fragile at present. With this initiative, the people involved form a common front for the promotion and support of each other’s programs and exhibition spaces. The project’s visual identity, curated by the graphic designer Gabriele Colia, becomes the experience interface of GALLERY TO GALLERY, creating a dynamic of participations and relations.

Book your guided tour and ask for information to the galleries:

ENRICO ASTUNI info@galleriaastuni.net

CAR DRDE office@cardrde.com

DE’FOSCHERARI galleria@defoscherari.com

GALLLERIAPIU info@gallleriapiu.com

OTTO GALLERY info@otto-gallery.it

STUDIO G7 info@galleriastudiog7.it

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Graphic design Gabriele Colia