Focus #01 – Dream and filter

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What is the idea of dream in the contemporary society?
How social norms conditioned by Capitalism and appearance influence our body and our everyday life?

Nowadays, our contemporary society, marked by stressed and chaotic rythms, has completly changed the idea of dream according to some unwritten social rules pushing towards an ever growing idea of optimization of our body, our mind and our time. This is happening due to the costant use and abuse of technology, such as social networks. The idea of society of spectacle described by Guy Debord seems real now more than evenr: the desire of fame and the veneration of articial fiction push all our effert towards new inaccessible ideals.

Ann Hirsch,
“The Open Mic Night (Iceberg series)”, 2017
gouache and pencil on paper
118 x 88 cm
€ 3.800

Débora Delmar
“Daily Mirror (Instagram archive)”, 2019
UV print on mirror, 45 x 34 cm
€ 1.500

Apparatus 22
“Untitled (V)”, 2016
laser on leather, 140 x 100 x 5 cm
€ 7.000

Yves Scherer
“Untitled (Kate)”, 2017
“Kate Moss by Mario Testino” – Taschen book, wood and plexiglass, 56 x 38 cm
€ 5.000

Ivana Spinelli
“I’m Miss Universe”, 2011
digital print, 20 x 20 cm
€ 2.500