Focus #02 – Chairs and benches

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For this new focus, we would like to present a selction of artworks that could be used to sit or lay down. Chairs and benches have always been subjects and objects in the history of art, carrying a series of meaning linked to the concept of power in the past or the more contemporary idea of common object to allow us to stop and rest. Over the time, designers, architects, photographers and artists made the seats object of their research and interest. Chairs become protagonists even for Theatre and Dance contexts. Chairs and benches have been represented as reference to life and death, to loneliness and passage of time, to everyday life, up to the allusion to the personality of the person who sat on them. Among the several examples that can me mentioned, Jospeh Kosuth who in 1965 presented “One and Three Chairs”, raising the image of a chair to a concept.

Débora Delmar, “Frozen currencies installation”, 2019
4 platic cups with straw, fake ice and coins, 4 chairs and a table
unique in a limited edition
€ 4.500

Pauline Batista, Optimization station, 2019
pvc inflatable + file audio
Ed 1/3 + AP
€ 8.000

Ivana Spinelli, Meditation place, 2020
wooden bench, spray paint, foam, cloth 73 x 66 x 123 cm
€ 8.700

Furlani-Gobbi, F.M.D.N.C. #01 (bench), 2019
Wood, 100 x 100 x 230 mm
Ed. 1/3.
€ 3.500

Débora Delmar, Exclusive Providers (White Marble Stacked Chairs), 2019
Hydro print on polypropylene, 102 x 54 x 44 cm
€ 5.500

Pauline Batista, Processing I, 2019
Silver galtin print mounted on dibond, 121 x 155 cm
Ed. 1/3 + AP
€ 5.200