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GALLLERIAPIÙ in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini – Bologna.

In a noisy era it becomes necessary to find silence as well as listen to sound in a different way.

A fictional silence declined in many perspectives that encourages and absorbs a self-reflection while underlining every gesture and sound.

The educational project by Francesco Giomi dedicated to silence wants to contribute to the attempt to explore silence condition even in the music realm: sound actions become formative moments, reflection and perception exercises, when declined in different ways.


◆13 September 2018, 8 pm > Images
Idea: Francesco Giomi
Musicians: Agnese Banti, Francesco Giomi, Francesco SalmasoMattia Siboni

◆ 4 October 2018, 8 pm
SOLO SILENCE #1 | Agnese Banti
SOLO SILENCE #2 | Jacopo Mittino

◆15 November 2018, 8 pm
SOLO SILENCE #3 | Mattia Siboni
SOLO SILENCE #4 | Simone Faraci


SILENZIOPIU’ is supported by OCWR ohcristo web radio a receiving and spreading platform for sound experimentation based in the gallery basement