• LEGGI NAZIONALI SUL SALARIO MINIMO _ performance @ ArtVerona - KING KONG, 2017
  • CCNL TRADUZIONI _ installation of 9 flags printed on synthetic fabric on rods made of anodized aluminum, each flag 79x107cm; total length of entire installation 290cm, 2016
  • LEGGI NAZIONALI SUL SALARIO MINIMO _ performance and recording on CD 40’ ca., 2016
  • MINIMUM: VOCI _ performance @ Museo Barracco, Rome, 2017
  • LA ZATTERA (minimum wage vs. poverty line) _ cardboard, metal sheet, parquet, wood, acrylic, 148x149x10cm, 2016
  • LA ZATTERA (minimum wage vs. poverty line) _ detail, 2016
  • CORPO CAPITALE LINGUAGGIO _ series of framed drawings 30x38,2cm, pastel and ink on layers of paper and tracing paper, 2016
  • SALARIO _ artist’s book, pastel and pin on tracing paper, book, 2016
  • PROTOFILOSOFIA ZIG ZAG (AI TEMPI DELLA GILANIA) _ Una Vetrina | The Independent, 2018
  • ONE WORD ONE PIN _ colored papier-mâché, steel, wire, book, 29x21x19cm, 2011
  • DISEGNO 2 SERIE N. 25 _ ink on paper, 24x28cm, 2008
  • I LOVE YOU SO _ video-installation, 2011
  • LOVERRS/FUCKERRS _ installation, 2011
  • CANNOT SEE ALL _ details @ Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, 2015
  • CERINI (ESERCIZI DI MEMORIA) _ @ The Workbench, Milan, 2015
  • BAUSTELLE _ @ Museo CIAC Centro Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea di Genazzano, Rome, 2015

Ivana Spinelli

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Ivana Spinelli (1972) lives between Berlin and Italy, where she teaches at Fine Art Academy since 2012. Among her latest solo shows: MINIMUM (GALLLERIAPIÙ, Bologna 2016); Décou(r)âge (Nomos Value Research, Rome 2015); Kaboom, double solo show (Artcore, Bari 2014); Baustelle (BeoProject, Belgrado (2013); Art Goes City (Postaja Raumau, Slovenj Gradec 2013); Loverrs/Fuckerrs (OltreDimore Gallery, Bologna 2012). In 2016 she took part into 5th Mediations Biennale a Poznań, Poland. In 2015 she took part into various group shows, among which: Dodici Stanze (Museo CIAC, Genazzano, Rome); Il sangue delle donne (Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome); Exploring Resilience (Mila Kunstgalerie, Berlin); Progetto Italiano n.3 – “Avere fame di vento” (The Workbench, Milan); Topophilias (Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin). Her artworks could be found in different publications, among which: Manon Slome, The Aesthetics of Terror (Charta, 2009); Raffaele Gavarro, Caos #2 (2010); Matthias Reichelt, Global Fight Club (Distillery, 2011). In 2012 Revolver Books in Berlin published her drawings book Global Sisters – The Contradictions of Love and in 2017 GALLLERIAPIÙ in Bologna published her artist book MINIMUM.

Ivana Spinelli _ CV