Public art intervention by Edo Massa 

Opening 10/11/2023 h 18.30 

Via del Porto 48

curated by Gallleriapiù and Parsec


Superbonus Meraviglia is the public art intervention realized by comic artist Edo Massa, curated by Gallleriapiù and Parsec. The artist’s witty drawings will enter the public space to cover the facade of the construction site located at 48 Port Street. Since June 2023, heavy equipment and construction materials have surrounded the gallery and collective’s exhibition spaces, which are now integral parts of the daily lives of the building’s residents and  artists.

In ultramodernity, the construction site stands as a symbol of economic acceleration and blind progressivism, increasingly becoming an architectural and cultural barrier within the community. Between temporary inconveniences and unwanted changes, metal scaffolding and plastic roofing become activators of new urban interstices, changing the perception of the city’s space and its social dynamics. 

With humor, Edo Massa plays with the fast-paced rush for “bonus facades” and the Italian Ministry of Tourism’s famous campaign, offering a reflection on the accessibility of cultural spaces. If the construction site is such a tangible barrier, what are the other invisible barriers that make it difficult to transit art spaces?

Superbonus Meraviglia is an open invitation to look beyond the barriers, to reverse the inside with the outside, to welcome the risk of being amazed. 




Edo Massa is a comic book author and illustrator. He is a contributor for The Passenger Magazine (Iperborea). As a scriber, he followed Michela Murgia’s show “Where are the Women,” Matteo Caccia and Stefano Mancuso’s show “Boundaries Don’t Exist.”