The rhythm needs to be re-designed
15.12.23 > 28.02.24

What does it mean to be an exhibition space when the very concept of space is infinitely expandable, digitizable, algorithmically programmable? What does it mean to be the link between artistic production and the market when the latter systematically creates asymmetries? Is it possible to resist this asymmetrical system and protect artists, workers, and research to offer a cultural proposition and continue to create vibrant matter?

Gallleriapiù embraces a decade and challenges itself. Exhibition activity is switched off, while the gallery space lights up with a transdisciplinary program of talks, performances, workshops, live sets and screenings. The white cube is chipped and the gallery becomes a salon again, a crossable space, open to new encounters. OFF is an opportunity to rethink the exhibition space, welcoming personalities who have been part of it during these last 10 years while activating new collaborations with local crews and partners who look at the contemporary from unique angles. The undercurrent of the program, that will accompany the three months of activity, is the relation between the body and new technologies, languages and digital subcultures.

OFF is the reaction to the short-circuiting of the exhibition space. When the maximum heating point is reached, the flow stops and the circuit opens. OFF wants to pick up energies from outside and channel them into an alternative flow that gives a new impetus to the role of the exhibition space. The gallery chooses to open up and make itself comfortable, talking about itself without taking the floor.


The exhibition space is transformed so that it can be comfortably experienced and freely modified by agents of change during the months of December, January and February. Listed below are the first appointments for December.

19-23 ◆ Dj Set // Raggi Catodici by Disco Azul + 3D Animation by Edo Cutrino

17-18.30 ◆ Talk➕pt.1 // Metamorfosi Urbane: Impatti socio-tecnologici sulla cultura con Into the Black Box e Fabiola Naldi

19-23 ◆ Tutty Frutty // IG scroll screening + Jam session by Link Academy Squad + Superfood

10-16 ◆ Matinée Live Set // Home is wherever I’m with you pt.1 by Undicesima Casa + Breakfast


🔜 January e February