Focus #03 – Motherhood

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For this newsletter’s focus we would like to tackle a topic dealt over the centuries in the art’s history, literature and psychology: the theme of motherhood.
It has always been considered as object of study and interest as creative godess and mistery of life in the universe: theiconography of the mother with her child or the pregnant woman refers to the dipiction of life and endless love. From the Paleolithic venus to the painting tradition linked to the religion and to maternity scenes, the generative and creative power of the mother figure has had a centrality within the collective imagination over the centuries.

But how is motherhood represented now? How did the concept of being a mother has changes considering the denied powers, the changes, the body perseption and the representation of it?

Pauline Batista, “Implantation”, 2019
c-type print, 100 x 75 cm
Ed 1/3 + AP
€ 3.500

Ann Hirsch, “Dester”, 2017
felt pen on velvet, 145 x 230 cm
€ 7.300

Ivana Spinelli, “Global Sisters ( Disegno 2 serie n°23 )”, 2008 / 2. Serie
ink on paper, framed, 24 x 28 cm
€ 2.000

Yves Scherer, “Untitled (Kate)”, 2017
“Kate Moss by Mario Testino” – Taschen book, wood, plexiglass
56 x 38 x 5 cm
€ 5.000

Pauline Batista, “Scraper installation”, 2019
€ 3.500

Gaia Fugazza, “Buddleja, frutti e ostaggi”, 2019
Quilted maple plywood, beeswax, mineral pigments, 110x 143
€ 7.300

Apparatus 22, ” The form is pregnant. The path finally begins to glow”, 2018
steel wire, rubber band, variable dimensions
€ 3.500

Ivana Spinelli, “Gilania: sexy, or what?”, 2019
poster, 100 x 70 cm