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GALLLERIAPIU in collaboration with Collettivo della Scuola di Musica Elettronica of Conservatorio di Musica “G.B. Martini” presents BOLOGNASOUND.

After the experience of SILENZIOPIÙ (2018), a series of autumn concerts dedicated to improvisation and to dialogue between different instruments and musicians at GALLLERIAPIU. BolognaSound aims to present a common way to understand music, despite the unique diversity of expressions, qualities and approaches, developed in the last year by the Electronic Music School G.B. Martini of Bologna: this approach allowed the creation of the student union. This series of concerts investigates the world of electronic and electro-acoustic improvisation with three different groups: the quartet, the conduction, the solo. The project aims to present the different possibilities of live electronic music and gives a look on the electronic scene of Bologna, opening to innovation and influences.

◆ 10 October 2019, h 20.30
Emil Bruscolini, Biagio Cavallo, Francesco Maccario, Nicola Venturo | IIII (4) (2019)

◆ 7 November 2019, h 20.30
Minus – Collettivo di Improvvisazione | Clan (2019)
Conception: Federico Pipia / Minus Collettivo di Improvvisazione
Musicians: Daniele Carcassi, Simone Faraci, Giuseppe Franchellucci, Matteo Pastorello
Conductor: Federico Pipia

◆ 12 December 2019, h 20.30
Francesco Giomi | KEVLAR (2019)
Solo live improvisation