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23.11.13 > 22.02.14

On 23rd November in its new venue inside the Manifattura delle Arti (galleria +) oltredimore presents its first eating-design project: trEATticon curated by Panem et Circenses. For three months, Panem et Circenses will develop an hypotetical evolutionary process of the relationship men-food, starting form a direct approach to the matter, going through the transformation/experimentation, until the latest conceptual transposition with the so-called “food-porn”. Each month two “action eating” on reservation will take place for a limited number of participants, while from Thursday to Saturday for the general public of the gallery it will be possible to taste some “assaggi”. Both the “action-eating” ad the “assaggi” will be related to the third evolutionary acts. 1st act: MATERIA – before knowledge (the man who does not know) The earth and childhood – seen as the initial phase of intellectual development where everything is a “cognitive game”- are the central features of this first act. 2nd act: DELETERIA – the transformation (the man who knows) Through the element of water – constantly moving and transformer par excellence – and the image of the world as a laboratory, one could give vent to adolescent curiosity of the innovator, by experiencing unusual way to prepare food. The chemical-physical component will be the protagonist. 3rd act: AETHERIA – the conceptualization (the man who goes beyond) The abstraction in “Aetheria” is in assonance with the word “ether” used in the mass-media field, and especially in television, a place where a runaway proliferation of food as image reigns. The air is therefore the leading element in this third act, with a focus on the “food porn” twenty-year phenomenon (with the term “food porn” we mean a contrived and exasperated visual presentation of food on different media).

Panem et Circenses is a project that aims to interact with different forms of artistic and creative expression, both cultural and natural, through the language of food and gastronomical experience. Panem et Circenses works with unusual and stimulating approaches (food specific, food translation, action eating), which proactively involve the audience, with the goal of reshaping the daily act of eating and exalting its non-typically edible aspects. Panem et Circenses deals with food as if it was a word in a semantic structure and with the act of eating as if it was a meaningful discourse the result of an infinite number of possible linguistic combinations. Panem et Circenses is a project by Ludovico Pensato and Alessandra Ivul.

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