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In Bologna from March 28th to April 13th, on the occasion of the festival La Scienza in Piazza® 2014 – Food Immersion, (galleria +) oltredimore hosts the project PURO COLORE an interactive exhibition/lab promoted by Foundation Marino Golinelli, MAMbo’s Educational Department, Studio Public, (galleria +) oltredimore with the collaboration of the association RAW Magna and Dina&Solomon graphic design.

PURO COLORE is made by four different dimensions: free entrance interactive exhibition during the gallery’s opening hours (Tuesday and Wednesday 2.30pm-7.30pm, Thursday and Friday noon–8pm, Saturday 11am-7pm); didactical activities for the schools that comprise visit to the MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art of Bologna and creative laboratories at (galleria +) oltredimore (on reservation from Monday to Friday); family’s workshop (each Sunday afternoon on reservation); “Food experience” a series of monochromatic tastings for an experimental culinary experience designed by chef Diletta Poggiali (each Friday and Saturday from 6pm at the gallery).

Nature, color and art history will be at the heart of PURO COLORE.

The exhibition envisage a didactical section where notions on food properties and on the traditional pictorial techniques will intersect with the respective applications in the kitchen and in the art, and an experimental section where the secrets of the artists/cooks at work will be unveiled among stills, centrifuges and extractors. Didactical multimedia tools will drive the visitors to establish unusual connections between works of art and food through a direct experimentation of color.

The educational activities for the schools and the workshops for the families: trough art works chosen in the permanent collection of MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna of Bologna, a story in pictures on “famous” colors in the history of paintings, will act as inspiration and starting point to get to know the color and its materiality. During the laboratories at (galleria +) oltredimore, in an hybrid atmosphere between a painter atelier, a kitchen and a chemistry lab, the art of extracting colors from nature will be deepened to recreate shades and texture present in the art works. Finally the participants will be invited to get their hands dirty using spatulas and brushes to realize edible objects/pantone.

Friday and Saturday from 6pm “Food experience” will open to a more adult audience the reflection on issues related to the expressive value of color in art and the use of natural colors in food, through a mix of practices and processes that starting from ancient paintings will arrive to the more recent experimentations in the realm of food: a new food project in line with the “temporary residencies” hosted by (galleria +) oltredimore focused on eating design united with anthropological, communicative, psychological and practical investigations on the finished food product.

Saturday April 12th from 5pm to 8pm PURO COLORE takes part into Manifattura delle Arti Open Day on the occasion of Live Arts Week III at MAMbo.

For workshops booking and information: www.lascienzainpiazza.it
tel 051 0251008/19936110 – lascienzainpiazza@golinellifondazione.it


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