• Marco Ceroni, NOW NOW, 2019, exhibition view @Toast Firenze
  • Marco Ceroni, NOW NOW, 2019, exhibition view @Toast Firenze
  • Marco Ceroni, Biennolo, exhibition view, Nolo 2019
  • Marco Ceroni, SPIRIT, mixed media intervention on scooter hull, Biennolo, Nolo 2019
  • LATE NIGHT SHOW _ exhibition view, 2017
  • MOONWALK _ yellow Siena marble, steel, 103 x 62 x 19 cm, 2017
  • STRONG BELIEF _ inkjet print, frame, 64x43cm, 2016
  • SPIRIT _ mixed technique, 80 x 75 x 25 cm, 2017
  • PLEASE DON'T GO _ gold leaf on movie poster, 70 x 33 cm, series, 2017
  • PLEASE DON'T GO _ gold leaf on poster, 140x100cm, 2016
  • DENTI D'ORO _ gold spray on steel, 44x44x15cm, 2016
  • BLING BLING _ inkjet print, 60x90cm, 2016

Marco Ceroni

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Marco Ceroni (Forlì 1987), lives and works in Milan. Among his recent solo and group shows: The Great Learning curated by Marco Scotini, Triennale, Milan, Make People Smile, Adiacenze, Bologna, Nesxt, Torino, Good Night, and Good Luck, A plus A, Venice, Teatrum Botanicum, PAV, Turin, Perfezioni, 77, Milan, Open-VIR, Viafarini, Milan, L’opera irraggiungibile, Artissima, Turin, Away, private house, Monza, Temporary Monuments, Srisa, Florence, The space in beetween us, Villa Vertua, Nova Milanese, Disumanesimi, Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence, Day Dream Factory, DOCVA, Milan.

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