Marco Ceroni_SLAG

Opening 25.09.2020
26.09.2020 > 19.12.2020

“SLAG is an attack on reality where panic tries to climb till the surface of things.” M.C.

Since Marco Ceroni started to collaborate with Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza for the MCZ Territorio residency project, he began his research in the environment he is most interested in, that of the street.
First of all, he reviews some elements recurring in his practice, such as the components of the motorbikes, in particular the fairing parts of the iconic motorbike Booster (MBK 1990). Known for his approach in observing what is daily around him in the urban environment, Ceroni confronted himself for the first time with pottery and its infinite possibilities thanks to this collaboration with Carlo Zauli Museum.

Inspired by semi-refractory clay, by infinite camouflage shades and the plasticity of the material, Ceroni began a close dialogue with the museum’s technicians, creating a series of unique pieces in limited edition able of subverting the reality, as often in his works, but balancing between tangible experience and imagination. Referring to the “tuning” technique, the front fairing of the motorbike is modified through grafts that recall the organic world, hybrids between slag and animal remains. These sculptures trigger a continuous short-circuit between the everyday and the disturbing, dream and nightmare, shiny and opaque.

GALLLERIAPIU will become a Temporary Store to launch “SLAG”.

Taking inspiration from several existing collaborations in the field of music and fashion, “SLAG” aims to activate this way of exchange through several featuring involved in this project. The digital campaign for the launch of the “limited ed.” is curated by the photographer Toni Brugnoli, who has already had important collaborations with brands such as NIKE and Napapijri. His clear and striking language is transformed into photos that tell his everyday life as in a diary, without any formality of the image. The display of the exhibition involves murales by the street artist Giorgio Bartocci and the visual artist Stefano Serretta. Divided between urban-art and product-design, Giorgio Bartocci acts as a semi-aware mouthpiece for the outcomes originated by the contemporary society’s constant inputs. Stefano Serretta’s research is focused on the nature of power systems and on the mechanisms of removal of production systems.
The packaging design and the development of “SLAG” Brand Identity are curated by the graphic designer Gabriele Colia. The graphic design is an active part of the project, considering the blurred line between design and artwork, between function and aesthetic. A video by the director and curator Veronica Santi will be on view: between documentary and advertisment spot records the behind the scene side of the project “SLAG” and its atmospheres, a sight inside the artistic process.

“We are in an urban jungle or rather in the hidden side of a metropolis. Jungle frees the desire suppressed in the dystopian impulse, releasing and amplifying the enjoyment that comes from the expectation of annihilation of any current certainty. In the jungle, there is a libidinization of anxiety itself, a transformation into pleasure of the impulses of aggression and escape.”


Marco Ceroni ( Forlì, 1987) lives and works in Milan. His research stems from a fascination for surrounding spaces and imaginations, elements of which he proposes a reinterpretation through the use of different techniques and materials, finding his own dimension between real and possible. Metropolitan scenarios, films genre and personal backgrounds coexist in the shattered image of a futuristic world.
Among his most recent solo and group shows: NOW NOW, Toast, Florence (2019); Eptacaidecafobia, Biennolo, Milan (2019); Pelle d’oca, Villa Vertua Masolo, Nova Milanese (2019); Auser Limbo, Essenza Club, Fiume Serchio, Lucca (2019); Sotto la tazza blu, Yellow, Varese (2019); Late Night Show, GALLLERIAPIU, Bologna (2017); Make People Smile, Adiacenze, Bologna (2017); The Great Learning, Triennale, Milan (2017); Nesxt, Turin (2016); Good Night, and Good Luck, A plus A, Venice (2016); Teatrum Botanicum, PAV, Turin (2016); Perfezioni, 77, Milan (2016), Open-VIR, Viafarini, Milan (2016), L’opera irraggiungibile, Artissima, Turin (2015). His work is currently on view at the solo exhibition “Squame” for the end of his residency period at Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza.