Concetto Pozzati_Vulv’are

Curated by Archivio Concetto Pozzati

opening 9.10.2021
10.10.2021 > 18.12.2021

Vulv’are is the first solo exhibition by Concetto Pozzati curated by the Archive in collaboration with GALLLERIAPIU, entirely dedicated to the last series of paintings realized by the artist before his death, from 2015 to 2016. The series, never exhibited before, is accompanied by a text by Pozzati – as he was used to combine his paintings with the poetic part – in which he says: “If the painter no longer looks at it, he imagines “vulvando ”, he dreams even with his eyes wide open because he is afraid that the dream will vanish by falling asleep.

All surreal, all drawn, marked, touched, caressed…Everything is not seen but met, the ghost has already arrived. It is not represented as “vulvando” but it is the sign that it has its own smell and always becomes present vulva, always different, an eye that opens numbness and warmth”

A disenchanted homage to the “Origin of the world”, Gustave Courbet’s painting of which Concetto Pozzati preserves a reproduction attached with a pin on the large wooden wall where he painted; a tribute to painting, to its seductive and carnal power but also a return to youth, underlined by those stylized signs pasted on the canvases to remember the sixties and the “pop” period and by those free and happy graphics that often surround the vulvas, like a mane or a rebellious hair. A return to youth by an artist who wanted to experience the end of illusions with a reinvigorated love for painting, which is and always will be outside of time.

Archivio Concetto Pozzati              

The exhibition Vulv’are is accompanied by a graphic design presentation developed through a series of posters conveying Pozzati’s thoughts and a critique publication. Inside the text by Laura Rositani, an excursus through the origin of painting, the world’s genesis and a psychoanalytic concept of gaze able to touch. Special contribution to the publication: a text by the Bologna based poet Stefano Delfiore. Posters and publication’s graphic project are curated by the graphic designer Gabriele Colia.


Concetto Pozzati  (Vo’ di Padova, 1935 – Bologna, 2017) he studied Architecture and Advertisement. From 1956 to 1967 he taught graphic advertising. In the next years he was professor of painting at Accademia di Bologna, he taught in Florence and Venice and he directed Accademia di Urbino. From 1993 to 1996, he was culture’s assessor at Comune di Bologna and in 1998 art director of Casa del Mantegna in Mantova. Besides his artistic career Pozzati was in charge of setting up several contemporary art shows and festivals at Museums in Italy and abroad. From 1955 he has been part of the most important international events such as Quadriennale di Roma (1959, 1965, 1973, 1974, 1986), Venice Biennale (1964, 1972, 1982, 2007, 2009, 2013), San Paolo Biennale in Brasil (1963), Tokyo Biennale (1963) and Paris Biennale (1969), Dokumenta in Kassel (1964). His work has been exhibited in solo show in the most important National and international Museums and galleries, such as Palazzo della Pilotta di Parma (1968, 2002),  Palazzo Grassi in Venice (1974), Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea di Ferrara (1976), at Museo di San Paolo in Brasil  (1987), at International Centre of Graphic Arts and at Cankariev Dom in Lubiana (1993), at Ventè  Mu­seum in Tokyo (1993), “Icastica” at A.A.M. Ar­chitettura Arte Moderna di Roma (1998), “De-po­sizioni” at Museo Magazzino del Sale in Cervia (2006) and at Museo Morandi of Bologna (2007), “Ciao Roberta” at Chiesa di S. Stae in Venice, “A casa mia” Sala dei Battuti di Conegliano (2008), “Ciao Roberta” at Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna (2008), “Tempo Sospeso al MAR di Ravenna (2010), “Cornice Cieca” al Museo Civico CAMEC in La Spezia (2012), “Mario & Concetto Pozzati” al  Museo MUVO- Villa Contarini Venier in Vo’ Vecchio (PD) (2012), “Cornice Cieca” at Museo San Domenico di Imola (2013), “Quasi dolce” at Collegiata di San Francesco di Staffolo (AN) (2013). He received several awards such as Sigillo d’Ateneo dell’Università di Bologna (2005). Member of Accademia Nazionale di San Luca from 1995 and Academic counselor from 2005, he died in Bologna in 2017.

Archivio Concetto Pozzati

Born in January 2020 in Bologna by the will of his daughter Maura e his son Jacopo Pozzati, Archivio Concetto Pozzati is a cultural no profit organization that gathers the whole documentation of Concetto Pozzati’s activities in order to preserve his work, promote the research and knowledge of his activities, to spread his writings and critical thinking, to organize solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, both in private and public insitutions. Since its foundation, the Archive has been working on the digitalization of Pozzati’s artworks and on their presence in national and international collections, in order to be a point of reference for experts and researchers, able to promote and enhance not only his artistic activity but also the precious cultural and intellectual contribution of Concetto Pozzati.


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