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OROSCOPIO★  starts from the collaboration with Lisa Andreani, Davide Bertocchi, Mirko Canesi e Mia D. Suppiej following Zodiaco* research and giving a new interpretation of the common subject.

OROSCOPIO★  is a format for allowing a new reading of horoscope as a radical imagination form.

OROSCOPIO★  is an underhand practice infiltrating current artistic context to extend its observation field. It is a view with our eyes turned to the sky, it is a relaxing and slow break in our accelerated and accelerating present. It is the moment of correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm.

OROSCOPIO★  is multi-layered while remaining predisposed to dialogue and sound. It is a constellation of events: radio exhibitions, curatorial and residency projects. It is a regular and occasional invitation to artists and their astrological sign.


From the basement of GALLLERIAPIÙ, OROSCOPIO★  proposes a series of recurring appointments that enrich Oh Cristo!Web Radio  schedule, becoming an aggregator. In some cases OROSCOPIO★  is a live event that turns the radio space into a social location.  The 12 astrological signs presentation will be always renewed thanks to a subdivision by element (fire, water, earth and air), kind (compass, fixed and mobiles) and season (autumn, winter, spring and summer).

Those ever-changing clusters establish more new reading parameters and several sounds constellations showing us a new union of the time and simultaneous different states of mind.


★ Oroscopio|Spring homages the moon

12 July 2018 _  from GALLLERIAPIÙ basement



Online on OC!WR ‘s Soundcloud (→…/oroscopio-open-radio-show-120718)

Artists: Davide Bertocchi, Mirko Canesi, Matteo Cremonesi, Marco Giordano

For the first episode hosted by OC!WR e GALLLERIAPIÙ, OROSCOPIO involve artists with the aim of building a vision about zodiac sings of spring. With the intention to create a new reading paradigm and a new perception of simultaneity, the appointment is an integrating break that melts with the radio-exhibition thanks to an open dialogue with the curators.




★ Oroscopio | Summertime

29.11.2018 _ from GALLLERIAPIÙ basement



Online on OC!WR ‘s Soundcloud (→

Artists: Davide Bertocchi, Giovanni Oberti
text by Matteo Barsuglia, astrophisicyst

In november 1833 (when there’s no summer air but falling stars are visible many times a year) the physicist and astronomer Denison Olmsted witnessed a meteor’s flood characterized by 72000 stars per hour. Thanks to this event, Olmsted could understand that this flood of stars came from a single radial point and that its trajectory started from the sky to reach the earth and not vice versa. So why we don’t collect the voices of those stars? Galaxia voices are not comprehensible but the leave traces of echoes and answers…