“Sky Above, Sea Below” // OPEN TOUR 2019

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20 June 2019 – 19 July 2019 all-day

“Sky Above, Sea Below”
Daniele Di Girolamo
Manrico Pacenti

Opening 20.06.2019
21.06.2019 > 19.07.2019

Opentour 2019. The exhibition “Sky Above, Sea Below”is part of Opentour 2019: an art project lasting one week, from the 17th to the 22nd of June. On this occasion Accademia di belle arti di Bologna gets in several cultural and exhibition spaces, giving to the audience the chance to see and appreciate the results of students and professors.

“Sky Above, Sea Below” investigates the relationship between landscape and elements part of it, identifying this connection as sound as information, as original existance condition of the landscape itself, considered as micro and macro organism.
The project is mainly focused on sound’s morphogenetic compared to elements composing landscape. This research starts from intimate elements and goes to the investigation of sound interferences’ role in the most recent technologies and scientific research.

The work is developed on two levels: on the ground and in the air. In the fist case, the space is occupied by fourteen tanks containing water reacting to the sound coming from the speakers under each of it. The sound produced is a stratification of acoustic feedback , achievable only thanks to the relationship between the sound input and output that allow its trigger. The air space is instead occupied by seven sculptural elements obtained through the hybridization between virtual solids and the same sound (treated in mono) emitted by the tanks.
The result, solidified through the 3D printer, represents the comparison and the relationship between the elements, an aspect that in physics we can identify as the resultant of the forces.

The installation of these works placed on two different levels – above, below- and the internal relation of the sound that interferes with all the elements build the landscape.


“Sky Above, Sea Below” is a collaborative project by Daniele Di Girolamo & Marnico Pacenti and coordinated by Luca Caccioni, professor of painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.