Gluklya in “Copresence” @ Manifesta 12 Palermo 2018

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15 June 2018 – 17 June 2018 all-day

COPRESENCE @ Manifesta 12 Collateral Events

A program by TAAK (Amsterdan) and NoMade (Rome) that proposes a different approach to the phenomenon of migration.

Location: TMO – Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, Palermo

June 15
– 2 film screenings
1. ‘Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings’ by artist Gluklya and developed by TAAK
2. ‘Radio noMade in Arberia’ by artist collective NoMade – open for shifting ideas
– Artist talks moderated by curator Theo Tegelaers (TAAK)
– Opening of the multimedia installation ‘Radio noMade in Arberia’ that will be displayed in the exhibition space of TMO

June 16

– Ongoing screening of the 2 films
– Ongoing presentation of the installation ‘Radio noMade in Arberia’

June 17

– Workshop ‘Language of Fragility’ with artist Gluklya
– Ongoing screening of the 2 films
– Ongoing presentation of the installation ‘Radio noMade in Arberia’


The debate on migration is mainly dominated by abstract demographic figures, bureaucratic integration systems and the fear for presumed negative impact. COPRESENCE proposes a different approach to the phenomenon of migration by sharing new methods to understand the complexity of cultural transition through art. The distinctive value of art lies in its ability to visualize emotions related to complex situations. This helps people to put themselves in the position of others and achieve understanding towards migrants.

The program builds a dialogue between two artistic and performative works that are the outcome of two different projects; these can function as casestudies to enhance an interdisciplinary discussion with local cultural, scientific and political stakeholders working on migration and interculture. Deriving from the arts, COPRESENCE aims to create a space where experiences and reflections can be shared to create new knowledge and ways of thinking on the topic.

Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings

On Saturday October 28, the ‘Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings’ filled the streets of Amsterdam, thus uniting refugees, artists, organizations and anyone interested. With this performative demonstration, artist Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya), in co-operation with TAAK, wanted to make a statement to welcome refugees, but also give them a face and a voice in the public domain. The costumes, especially made for the carnival, expressed the fears and frustrations newcomers experience in a strange country while the carnival itself served as an outlet for oppressed emotions. In addition, the workshop ‘Language of Fragility’ offers visitors through language and drawings the experience of incommunicability that migrants are often found in.

Radio noMade in Arberia
The film ‘Radio noMade in Arberia’ represents an investigation of Arbëreshë culture (Albanians in Italy). The Arbëreshë are an Albanian ethnic and linguistic group who entitled their scattered nation in Southern Italy ‘Arberia’. The film intends to give shape to this ‘Geography from theElsewhere’, a term that implies a non-territorial concept; the Arbëreshë are geographically spread, but united by language, culture and emotions. While the film summarizes the investigation by combining private archives and newly shot footage, the multimedia installation will offer a more poetic experience. It will be a one-to-one sensorial meandering journey inside the memory.