Estetica con conseguenze

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3 June 2020 @ 12:16 – 24 July 2020 @ 13:16
Estetica con conseguenze

Estetica con conseguenze

with works by Apparatus 22, Pauline Batista, Marco Ceroni, Matteo Cremonesi, Debora Delmar, Gaia Fugazza, Gluklya, Ann Hirsch, Yves Scherer, Ivana Spinelli, Emilio Vavarella

3 June > 24 July 2020

On the 3rd of June Neon lights of GALLLERIAPIU turn on again presenting a project that aims to highlight the work of the gallery and of the artists we collaborate with. In the last five years of activity, GALLLERIAPIU has contributed to the production of multimedia works, sculptures, videos, environments, performances, paintings, images, photographs, some of them still kept in the gallery’s storage. The ambitious projects showed at GALLLERIAPIU bring to “aesthetics with consequences“, a term coined by the Romanian collective Apparatus 22 to define the gallery’s research line: this statement refers to uncanny artistic practices, thought provoking, that analyze essential aspects for a critical investigation of current and future society.

After this closing period, the gallery opens empty and with a set-up project in progress, which will take shape and change over the summer. The gallery, intended as a space for transformation from empty to full, leaves room for infinite possibilities. The works that will start up the space day after day, create a content related to opinions from within and comments from a wider context: the art system, the market, the historical moment we are experiencing.
Taking care of the object, reliving it, assembling it, discussing it again but also bring into play the exhibition space itself. The project has a real and accessible space at the gallery and a virtual storytelling part of the work in progress through our social networks. We will invite visitors and supporters of the gallery’s activities to take part to this ongoing set-up.
An attempt to pay attention to the gaze on the work but also to leave room for unpredictability, for play, perhaps even for mistakes, a spontaneous gesture in a moment when it is important to give space to collaboration, mutual support and participation.

You are invited to take part to the exhibition’s set-up suggesting us an artwork you would like to see displayed during summer time. Is there an artwork you’ve seen at the gallery that you would like to see exhibited again? Have a look at our online archive and feel free to share your choice with us.
Link to the online archive: