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27 July 2020 @ 13:52 – 28 August 2020 @ 14:52

27.07 > 29.08.20


GALLLERIAPIÙ presents a new digital project titled “Contemporary Art Monsters” by Pafo that will take place during the summer break through the gallery’s social networks.

“Contemporary Art Monsters” is a collection of illustrations that analyze the customs and attitudes of contemporary art system. They are colorful samples of “serious fun” in which parody takes the form of knowledge. These drawings aim to mock the discussions, rules and myths of the system, in particular ones linked to the art market, highlighting the revealing trends of different categories.

Who are the monsters inside Pafo’s illustrations? Hysterical gallery owners, enslaved gallery interns, excited collectors, idolized curators, legendary artists described as tied to a crazy, schizoid, absolutely humorous, productivity.  Monsters and demons hide (not so well) behind the characters, sometimes they show up and sometimes they twist the humanity of drawn people.
The author analyzes the context from within, moves himself balancing between hate and love, between liberation and obsession, enhances the frustrations and eccentricity of our system, sometimes identifying himself, sometimes becoming a victim himself. He enters in the characters’ psychology taking inspiration from their language, reproducing their style, rhetoric with observation and extravagance. He includes philosophical, sociological notes, but always keeps in mind that parody is a the key part.

“to see ourselves in these “engaged exercises” could be a good starting point for a critical analysis of attitudes, perhaps better to change”.
Veronica Veronesi


Who is Pafo?
He’s a “code breaker” with a deep interdisciplinary vision. He studies the system from the inside. He combines high and low culture, humorous power, parodic vocation, refined and cosmopolitan mood and a “provincial passion” for the boutade. Pafo is a technician, a collector, an artist, a critic, a gallery owner. Pafo is much of what many would like to say but do not find the courage.

The project will end up on the 28th of August with an action at the gallery, “12 HOURS AUTOMATIC MANDALA” by Pafo.