Concetto Pozzati_Vulv’are

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9 October 2021 @ 18:00 – 18 December 2021 @ 19:00

Curated by Archivio Pozzati
opening 9.10.2021
10.10.2021 > 16.07.2021

GALLLERIAPIU is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Archivio Concetto Pozzati and the upcoming exhibition opening of a solo show by Pozzati on Saturday 9th of October.

Vulv’are is the first solo show at the gallery by Concetto Pozzati curated by Archivio in collaboration with GALLLERIAPIU, entirely dedicated to the last series of paintings by the artist before his death, from 2015 to 2016. The series, never exhibited before, is accompanied by a text by Pozzati – as he was used to combine his paintings with the poetic part – in which he says: “If the painter no longer looks at it, he imagines“ vulvando ”, he dreams even with his eyes wide open because he is afraid that the dream will vanish by falling asleep.

All surreal, all drawn, marked, touched, caressed…Everything is not seen but met, the ghost has already arrived. It is not represented as “vulvando” but it is the sign that it has its own smell and always becomes present vulva, always different, an eye that opens numbness and warmth”

A disenchanted homage to the “Origin of the world”, Gustave Courbet’s painting of which Concetto Pozzati preserves a reproduction attached with a pin on the large wooden wall where he painted; a tribute to painting, to its seductive and carnal power but also a return to youth, underlined by those stylized signs pasted on the canvases to remember the sixties and the “pop” period and by those free and happy graphics that often surround the vulvas, like a mane or a rebellious hair. A return to youth by an artist who wanted to experience the end of illusions with a reinvigorated love for painting, which is and always will be outside of time.

Archivio Concetto Pozzati      

Graphic design by Gabriele Colia