Apparatus 22 | Subtitles @ Edicola Radetzky

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8 November 2017 – 23 January 2018 all-day

Apparatus 22 – Subtitles
curated by Clara Madaro

November 8, 2017 (opening at 6pm) – January 16, 2018

Edicola Radetzky
Viale Gorizia (Darsena) – Milano

with an intervention on Radio Banda Larga | www.radiobandalarga.it

The name chosen by Apparatus 22 for their double intervention in Edicola Radetzky and on Radio Banda Larga is Subtitles – referencing the cinema and the idea of translating into English the unaccountable emotions that exude from a (quasi)impossible world.
The architecture of Edicola Radetzky becomes a capsule where special emissaries provide testimonies from SUPRAINFINIT to entice us in a puzzling mind frame in which hope is used as a critical tool for society.
Critique is usually grounded in rationality – as absence of contradictions or their conciliation or systematization – while real hope is intrinsically paradoxical.
Melting hope and critique is a painful and compelling change of paradigm that doesn’t allow illusions of a metalanguage nor comfortable thoughts. Such a change is also a test both for the
power of language as a recondite force and for the limitations in describing such process.
On one side of the coin there is Subtitles C1 – the installation at Edicola Radetzky where the SUPRAINFINIT experience of hope is utterly destabilizing – hope is mindfuck – since real hope is so slippery to the grasp. Slashing our minds with crystal clear sharpness, such thought disconcerts someone who finds it much easier to bask in pessimism and bitterness.
On the other side of the coin there is Subtitles C2 radio intervention that calls forth a surrender to the collective, exalted feeling of arrival in SUPRAINFINIT and hints at the immense excitement at the news of a fierce new world.