Roberto Paci Dalò & Rupert Huber _ EDEN
Roberto Paci Dalò & Rupert Huber Eden   31.01.16 h.6.30pm – worldwide première   site-specific concert @ I Portici Hotel   BY INVITATION ONLY   Roberto Paci Dalò (musician and visual artist) and Rupert Huber[...]
Oct 31 @ 20:00 – 23:00
RadioDramma a 8-BIT | Dj Balli
Séance @ GALLLERIAPIÙ. On Tuesday, October 31st, Riccardo Balli with l’Allievo and MC Shell8Bit present the event: “Low Resolution Halloween”. Through the use of game-boy they recall the Luigi Galvani’s spirit who tells us a[...]
“The Animal Musicians” showcase by dj Zoologist aka dj Balli
“The Animal Musicians” showcase by dj Zoologista aka dj Balli Dj set 9.00pm Visual by Mauricio Carradini Meow, chirp, burp, oink, croak, quack, growl, woof woof Welcome to the sound Animal Farm, go on a[...]
Simon Reynolds - Talk on Glam Rock and beyond
Simon Reynolds is better known in the music world as “the one who invented the term post-rock”. Author of several essays and contributor of music magazines such as Melody Maker, Rolling Stone, The Wire, Pitchfork,[...]