Apparatus 22 in HÄMATLI & PATRIÆ @ MUSEION - Bolzano
HÄMATLI & PATRIÆ 16/09/2017 – 14/01/2017 Opening 15/09/2017, 19.00 h Curated by Nicolò Degiorgis @ MUSEION – Bolzano The exhibition draws inspiration from the image of an ancient “landing”, that of Noah’s Ark on Mount[...]
Gluklya in Cosmic Shift
Cosmic Shift Russian Contemporary Art Writing   Edited by Elena Zaytseva and Alex Anikina Foreword by Bart De Baere   In this, the first anthology of Russian contemporary art writing to be published outside Russia,[...]
Gluklya "Debates on Division" in the framework of the Russian Turn Series @ BOZAR, Brussels BE
Russian Turn is an interdisciplinary cycle of encounters with famous Russian artists and intellectuals from all disciplines. Amid signs of growing tensions within and outside Europe, BOZAR is joining forces with artists and intellectuals from across[...]
Gluklya + TAAC > Carnival of Oppressed Feelings in Amsterdam
Join and walk with us, Gluklya and TAAK, in order to support refugees to express themselves and formulate their needs. The Carnival of Oppressed Feelings is the final event of the project Utopian Unemployment Union[...]
Oct 31 @ 20:00 – 23:00
RadioDramma a 8-BIT | Dj Balli
Séance @ GALLLERIAPIÙ. On Tuesday, October 31st, Riccardo Balli with l’Allievo and MC Shell8Bit present the event: “Low Resolution Halloween”. Through the use of game-boy they recall the Luigi Galvani’s spirit who tells us a[...]
Nov 8 2017 – Jan 23 2018 all-day
Apparatus 22 | Subtitles @ Edicola Radetzky
Apparatus 22 – Subtitles curated by Clara Madaro November 8, 2017 (opening at 6pm) – January 16, 2018 Edicola Radetzky Viale Gorizia (Darsena) – Milano with an intervention on Radio Banda Larga |[...]
Ivana Spinelli performance @ Museo Barracco, Rome
Within Mapping The Town sei performance nei Musei di Roma, curated by Claudio Libero Pisano in collaboration with Orlando Edizioni. MINIMUM:VOCI Performance by Ivana Spinelli Barracco Museum, Corso V.Emanuele II, 166A Free admission. Reservation Required[...]
Emilio Vavarella @ Torino Film Festival -TFFdoc
Emilio Vavarella Animal Cinema European Premiere at 35° Torino Film Festival – TFFdoc On Friday 24th November, 4.45pm Cinema Massimo TFFdoc/non umano creates a space about animals, at a time when photos of kittens and[...]
“The Animal Musicians” showcase by dj Zoologist aka dj Balli
“The Animal Musicians” showcase by dj Zoologista aka dj Balli Dj set 9.00pm Visual by Mauricio Carradini Meow, chirp, burp, oink, croak, quack, growl, woof woof Welcome to the sound Animal Farm, go on a[...]
Simon Reynolds - Talk on Glam Rock and beyond
Simon Reynolds is better known in the music world as “the one who invented the term post-rock”. Author of several essays and contributor of music magazines such as Melody Maker, Rolling Stone, The Wire, Pitchfork,[...]
Apparatus 22 in 999 A collection of questions about contemporary living @ La Triennale di Milano
The house, between analog and digital. New imaginaries transforming our lives. An exhibition collaborative, in constant change; in function of time and space. 999 questions to generate 999 possible ways to live. Home as we’ve[...]
Emilio Vavarella in “No middle, No end” screening program @ LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk (PL)
The screening programme No Middle, No End is a deep journey through a crisis of identity, which no longer adheres to imposed generic standards, drifting into a sense of helplessness caused by physical and mental[...]
Gluklya in 5 x 5 x 5 - 5 years of the Van Abbemuseum Choir @ Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL
5 years of the Van Abbemuseum choir, 5 artists, 5 compositions for the collection On Sunday 25 March the Van Abbemuseum choir is celebrating its fifth anniversary and from 2 p.m. it will take you[...]
Apr 13 – Apr 15 all-day
GALLLERIAPIÙ @ MIART 2018 EMERGENT curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini with Apparatus 22  and Ann Hirsch Pad 3 Stand E09 13 – 15 April, 2018 Preview 12 April, by invitation Pad. 3, Gate 5 –[...]
Emilio Vavarella in #LAYERS. Contemporary Art in the Digital Era @ IMAL, Brussels
An exhibition by Link Art Center #LAYERS presents creations by 15 contemporary Italian artists, who reflect in their work on the influence of the Internet and the digitisation of our society. Since the nineties technology[...]
Live Arts Week VII | Mark Fell (GB) “Parallelling” @ GALLLERIAPIÙ
Xing presents the seventh edition of Live Arts Week, which takes place in Bologna from 18th to 21st april 2018. Live Arts Week VII returns to the spaces of the Ex GAM, the former historic[...]
May 25 @ 20:00 – 21:00
CROWDS _ Sarah Friedland
CROWDS choreographed by Sarah Friedland in collaboration with Art Factory International   24.05.18 from 8pm, 60’ Piazzetta Azzo Gardino (Via Azzo Gardino, 14) Bologna   MDA – Manifattura delle Arti Association continues and broadens its[...]
Gluklya in "Copresence" @ Manifesta 12 Palermo 2018
COPRESENCE @ Manifesta 12 Collateral Events A program by TAAK (Amsterdan) and NoMade (Rome) that proposes a different approach to the phenomenon of migration. Location: TMO – Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, Palermo June 15 – 2[...]
Apparatus 22 in "Fremdkörper. Non—Normative Body and Voice Mapping" @ BOZAR (Bruxelles, BE)
‘Fremdkörper’ introduces several notions of the body, as seen from different angles. It brings together selected artistic practices and concepts, statements and second thoughts concerning non—normativity, in light of current political developments increasing control of[...]
Emilio Vavarella in "That's IT!" @ MAMbo - Bologna
That’s IT! is a new generational collective exhibition, curated by Lorenzo Balbi, displaying at MAMbo’s premises the works of 56 artists and collectives born from 1980 onwards as well as of several specially created new[...]
Emilio Vavarella "ANIMAL CINEMA"
Emilio Vavarella’s Animal Cinema is a film composed of fragments of videos of animals operating cameras. All cameras were stolen by animals who acted autonomously. These video materials, downloaded from YouTube between 2012 and 2017,[...]
Ann Hirsch in "DRAG: Self-portraits and Body Politics" @ Hayward Gallery - London
Ann Hirsch takes part in the exhibition DRAG: Self-portraits and Body Politics @ Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre This free exhibition features the work of more than 30 artists who have used drag to explore or[...]
Gluklya @ Garage Museum of Contemporary Art - Moscow
Gluklya @ Garage Museum of Contemporary Art during The Fabric of Felicity, an international project showcasing clothes in art outside the context of the fashion industry. The exhibition spans five continents and features over forty[...]
Silenziopiù | Back to silence (2018)
GALLLERIAPIÙ in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini – Bologna. In a noisy era it becomes necessary to find silence as well as listen to sound in a different way. A fictional silence declined[...]
Emilio Vavarella in ROBOT LOVE (Eindhoven, NL)
ROBOT LOVE is looking for the connection between humans and robots. New technologies awaken us and offer opportunities. Robotics and AI challenge us to think about who we are and what we want to become.[...]
Sep 29 – Dec 22 all-day
Apparatus 22 _ Arrangements & Haze
opening 29.09.18 h.18 29.09.18  > 22.12.18   GALLLERIAPIÙ has the pleasure to announce “Arrangements & Haze”, the second solo show at the gallery of Apparatus 22, art collective based in Bucharest and Brussels. While the previous[...]
Oct 4 @ 20:00 – 22:00
Silenziopiù | Solo Silence (2018)
GALLLERIAPIÙ in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini – Bologna. In a noisy era it becomes necessary to find silence as well as listen to sound in a different way. A fictional silence declined[...]
Oct 20 2018 – Feb 24 2019 all-day
Emilio Vavarella in "Low Form" @ MAXXI - Rome
Emilio Vavarella with his work Do you like cyber? takes part in the exhibition LOW FORM curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi @ MAXXI- Roma. An exploration of the technological and surreal imaginary of the artists of[...]
Emilio Rojas performing at "Lit and Luz Festival" @ Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago
Emilio Rojas takes part in Live Magazine Show, the concluding celebration of the Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art @ Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago. Performance in collaboration with Natalia Toledo and Jennifer Nelson. Each[...]
Emilio Vavarella in "All I Know Is What’s On The Internet" @ The Photographers' Gallery - London
Emilio Vavarella presents The Driver and the Cameras in All I Know Is What’s On The Internet, the new exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery, Londra. All I Know Is What’s On The Internet presents work of contemporary artists seeking to map,[...]