Giardino Magnetico

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Inspired by Alvin Curran’s masterpiece, Giardino Magnetico is the new multidisciplinary format developed by GALLLERIAPIÙ. The project is curated by three independent realities active in Italy. Islands is the artistic collective already head of the creative direction of the last edition of IMAGO, a sound and visual arts festival sponsored in 2015 by the City of Bologna and the Istituzione Bologna Musei, hosted in the same year by the Medieval Civic Museum and the Certosa of Bologna; Communion is the collective born from the experience of the occupation of M ^ C ^ O (new center for arts, culture and research based in Milan in viale Molise) who has recently started a record production activity; Artetetra is a record label whose numerous publications have been welcomed with interest from the specialized international press.

Giardino Magnetico is articulated in a series of audio-visual interventions characterized by a naturalistic and exotic research, which are able to trigger a short-circuit between experience and the unreal, to highlight connections and discrepancies between imaginary and existing landscapes, sounds, populations.




Baptiste Martin (Les Halles) lives and works in Montpellier, releasing his work on Not Not Fun Records. Charles Belpois (Magnétophonique) lives in Paris and releasing his work on Carpi Records. Their collaborative project focuses on the construction of sound textures with etheric and ultraterrenal traits, mainly made using amerindi flute samplers, analog synthesizers and field recordings. Timeless Meditations toward a New Age.


Lotto Retina is the moniker of the young French artist Mac Noddy, already active with several publications with Carpi Records, and recently with the prestigious American label Orange Milk Records. The research path that characterizes his musical project focuses on sampling and détournement of heterogeneous sound patterns (video games, jingles of commercials, youtube video clips) aimed at creating sound carpets with lunar tracts and dada and lo-fi atmospheres.


Babau is a duo coming from Marche Region and based in Bologna. Their distinctive sound can be defined an alien and dystopian exotica, with the kosmische cadence, realized by searching and reinterpreting rhythms and melodies from exotic cultures. For Giardino Magnetico they did a new set called “Healing Jaipongan Program”.

INTERNET HOLIDAYS™, projection curated by Cheap Galapagos and Hybrid Palms

I. H. is the new collaborative work by Cheap Galapagos (Italy) and Hybrid Palms (Russia). An audiovisual melting pot of real and virtual landscapes created by collecting the most common stereotypes in the West for the commercialization of tourist trips to exotic destinations, in the period from the 1950s to the 1980s. Golden beaches with giant palm trees sprawling around, crystal-clear waters with semi-unknown animals, gigantic shopping malls overflowing with souvenirs, will bring the audience’s imagination to undertake a full-comfort vacation from his daily routine through the powerful capabilities of Internet.




Paolo Tarsi is a young pianist, musicologist and composer from the Marche Region, already a member of the Argo collective, with whom he is involved in the publication of a series of collective novels. His musical production can be defined as an open field in which the strong influences of American minimalist music (Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich) coexist with references from further and dissimilar experiences, including the avant-garde of the twentieth century, electronic music, Post-rock, Brian Eno’s ambient vision and Richard Wright’s Pink Floyd’s psychedelia, and also a certain jazz related to contemporary. In 2015, Trovarobato releases his debut album, “Dream In A Landscape”, entirely dedicated to John Cage. In the same year, Cramps, created by Gianni Sassi, released “Furniture Music For New Primitives”, a concept-album inspired by William S. Burroughs’s “Cities of the Red Night”, to which, in addition to Paolo Tofani (Area), musicians such as Enrico Gabrielli (Afterhours, Calibro 35), Sebastiano De Gennaro (Baustelle), Junkfood, Quartetto Maurice and Roberto Paci Dalò contribute.




The artistic identity of Laurent Jeanneau, a DIY ethnographer and nomadic musician known in the international scene with the pseudonym of Kink Gong, was born and formed in an unspecified period between 1991, when his first solitary trip to Kenya and Nigeria dates back, and 1999. Since then, during many trips to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China and Thailand), Jeanneau has documented and recorded local musical traditions of ethnic minorities whose cultures are heavily threatened by modernization. Extracts from his discoveries, which focus mainly on ceremonial music for voices and percussion, were released on his personal label and by Alan Bishop’s Sublime Frequencies. In addition, Jeanneau uses recordings as starting point for his electro-acoustic experiments, then amplified by other field recordings. In these sound compositions, mostly released on the London Discrepant (with “Erhai Floating Sound” released in 2015 on Artetetra), traditions and avant-gardes of a wide range of places merge with contemporary thoughts.


Davide Bartolomei (Lugo, 1990), graduated in painting, studies Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. His first electro-acoustic compositions are like long looping of earth noises, cables and acoustic signals modulated with guitar pedals. His latest evolution sees him involved in a deeper attempt to organize noise, in an investigation into the compositional and physical capabilities of the instrument, aimed at enhancing a more soft, melodic, and in need of harmony ambient mood.

TODESTRIEBE, installation by Valerio Maiolo

Electronic music student at the Martini Music Conservatory in Bologna, Valerio Maiolo is an electro-acoustic composer, musician and performer, former keyboardist in the Sex with Giallone bolognese rock band. In his personal project, Maiolo builds/deduces and programs spectral spaces in which to move with harmonics and voice. In recent years he has collaborated on the electro-acoustic improvisation project with conduction by Francesco Giomi (Tempo Reale), releasing the composition in three acts “принцессы не какают” (translated as “Princesses do not defecate”) in “Landscape Suicide”, collaborative work with Nicola Tirabasso released on magnetic tape on Artetetra in 2015. Todestriebe, a new installation by Maiolo created for Giardino Magnetico, is an electroacoustic experience based on locomotion in spectral space.



RAMZi live (CA)

Phoebé Guillemot lives and works between Montréal and Vancouver. She has been known by the moniker RAMZi since the early 10s. She put herself in the spotlight in the Canadian underground scene by publishing the first sound collages in audio cassettes, which quickly became fetishes for ambient and exotic music lovers, up to the debut – again on magnetic tape – with international labels such as Rvng Intl. and 1080p. Animated by a tropical and psychedelic mood, suspended in an elusive cluster of sound between video game music and Sublime Frequencies archive, her compositions reveal an androgynous and childish spirit, moving smoothly between warm Balearic rhythm, hypnagogic dub, jazz and world-beat techno. This formula is effectively capable of combining a sci-fi vision with the revelation of a wonderful and wild nature. In the first half of February 2017 she released the EP ‘Phobiza Noite vol. 2’ on Mood Hut, an ideal sequel to the first chapter ‘Dia’ produced by Total Stasis by Elysia Crampton. She also started a long tour organized into a series of artistic residences in the Mediterranean area, with the aim of recording a new LP coming out on 12th Isle (Glasgow).




Accou Laposte is currently one of the most representative members of Indian Redhead, a French label based between Clermont Ferrand and Strasbourg, specializing in producing audio cassettes with altered and suspended sounds between the ambient coordinates, hypnagogic pop and chiptune. His compositions appear to some extent close to the meditative harmony of the first experiments in generative music by Brian Eno, with synthetic carpets of ethereal sounds capable of generating distensive and delicate new-age atmospheres.


Bear Bones Lay Low is the moniker used by young Venezuelan musician Ernesto González in his research path aimed at investigating and creating of new psychedelic sounds related to electronic music. Active in the Belgian underground since 2003, González has released music in the most diverse formats on labels such as Sloow Tapes, Troglosound, Full Of Nothing, and Kraak. He developed a personal style in which noise-drone music is reinterpreted with compulsive use of effects and uncontrolled synthesizers jam, abused to the construction of powerful mutant soundtracks. He creates hypothetical soundtracks for an ecstatic journey across border areas where fantastic creatures inhabit a magical and grotesque reality.


Carrageenan is the solo project by Matthieu Levet, a Parisian based in Brussels who has been active for almost a decade – even with the Pizza Noise Mafia duo – on the scene of the Belgian capital. Over the years, he has released his work on labels such as Tanzprocesz (Opera Morte, Ghédalia Tazartès) and Honneur De La Police, supporting his obsession with the drum machines by the composition of minimal harsh architectures with tonal-atonal sounds that appear equidistant from emotionality and control, capable of expressing a certain “androidish sexuality” even in the “colder” passages.



SAM KIDEL (UK) plays Disruptive Muzak

Sam Kidel’s debut album has been described as a masterpiece of contemporary ambient music. Kidel is known in the music scene with the moniker El Kid, former founding member of the Young Echo group and half of the Killing Sound project, he debuted on Entr’acte in 2015 with “Untitled (Movements)”. His latest work, “Disruptive Muzak”, was born from his personal interest in “phreaking”, namely the study and experimentation of telephones, from the most banal anonymous call to proto-internet hacking techniques, and based on research on Muzak, that is the background music used in call centers, airports, hotels and other public places to stimulate both workers and customers. Kidel uses the same call center workers as anaware elements of a strangely touching composition, adding them casually to the DIY instrumental version, which is also present on the disk, if someone wants to try to replicate his experiment at home. The result includes a plethora of musical styles: contemporary classics, ambient, random music and, undoubtedly, vaporwave; it also shows a wide spectrum of British accents rarely audible in such a composition. But beware, he is not taking over the workers, rather he reveals their melancholy and detachment from their tedious role, making them protagonists of his work. Disruptive Muzak is a work of strong emotional impact, without having to be highly pretentious or overly sentimental, who can make tacit comments about our relationship with the technology, economy and socio-political condition of our time.



CRIS X (I) addition of sound to “La Jetée” (28’’, Chris Marker / 1962-4)

Born around 2000s, after playing the drums for several punk groups and studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Cris X is the musical alter ego that characterizes the eclectic artistic production of Cristiano Luciani, a project that moves between ambient, noise, improv, electronic music and concrete music. With the duo Lendormin (with the philosopher Marco Maurizi) as well as in his solo project, Luciani has worked for years in the composition of experimental music for theater productions, contemporary ballet and sound, presenting his works on several continents and collaborating with artists such as Mimmo Paladino and ZimmerFrei, sharing visions and projects with artists coming from different contexts and from the most extreme sound environments, including Merzbow, X, Keiko Higuchi, Maurizio Bianchi and KK Null.


Born from the collaboration with freak Gabriele Gotini’s “circuit bending”, Videobasic is – in order of time – the ultimate extravaganza of Michele Mazzani’s artistic talent, founder of Lonktaar label and musician amongst the purest of the Italian underground of noise, of the research in music and of the experimental artistic production. From the debut to the release of a limited edition floppy disk of a field recording of a woman form Romagna disputing in her dialectic language, passing through the Dona Ferentes drones, the duo improv Gelba and for a series of performances in the most strange and unpredictable places, Mazzani has maintained a personal and ironic approach to sound matter, focusing on the investigation of an electronic music with acid and cheap tonality, material traits, securely anchored and marked by a strictly do-it-yourself ethic.



LUCA GARINO (I)  performing “Souffle”

Luca Garino is a composer from Turin active since 1996 in the field of (electronic) music. He started as self-taught and later continued his research at LaSDIM (Laboratory for Experimentation and Teaching of Information Technology in Music), taking part in the hauntologic movement of Italian Occult Psychedelia with the drone-folk trio How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood and releasing his work on labels like Boring Machines, Yerevan Tapes and Magnetic Cages. “Souffle – Mise en scène sonor et visuelle, dédié aux les guerriers qui touchent au but” is the title of the performance that was presented on June 9th for Giardino Magnetico at GALLLERIAPIÙ, where he combines sounds made with bamboo canes, sounds captured in nature and recordings by anthropologist Jean-Michel Beaudet in the years 77-79 collected among the Wayãpi tribes in the Amazon rainforest of French Guiana.